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Our missions!

Our most treasured mission has been providing all of you – our dearest customers – with high quality cosmetic products, obtained from natural, safe and certified ingredients.
Formulated and prepared by our pharmacist, all our products contain optimal concentrations of natural ingredients. Their well-balanced consistency helps in preventing dermatological disorders and sustains the daily maintenance routine necessary for a naturally healthy skin. All our cosmetic products do not contain harmful substances that are known to produce unpleasant side-effects.

Our aNNa Pharmacist advises you to use natural, handmade products that have many benefits for body and skin, of course. All our cosmetic products are safe, containing only natural ingredients and they are proven to be safe for our customers.

LavenderaNNa Natural Soaps are made from vegetable oils and butter, active ingredients of plant origin and 100% pure essential oils, rich in vitamins.

Our pharmacist prepares soaps using the “cold method”, so the ingredients used are not processed at high temperatures, which means that they retain their natural skin protection and care properties. The process of making a soap slice lasts at least 4 weeks, during natural drying time in which the soap acquires hardness and beneficial properties to the body.

LavenderaNNa Natural Soaps contain GLYCERINE , as a by-product of the saponification reaction, this facilitates water retention in the skin tissue, having a softening and elasticizing effect on the skin.

Reasons and benefits of using LavenderaNNa natural soaps

  • Antibacterial

  • It cleans the skin really well

  • They are nutritious

  • They produce a rich and creamy foam

  • Perfect for hair washing as well

  • They care and protect the skin without drying it

  • They have a wonderful smell due to the100% pure essential oils

  • They help in the treatment of various dermatological conditions, alongside other products

  • Contain natural ingredients that have a positive impact on our health

  • All soaps contain glycerin for hydration

  • They protect the natural balance of the skin

  • They help prevent premature skin aging

  • They are safe and tested

  • Made in Romania

We love our customers!

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