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Terms of use of the online store LAVENDERANNA.RO

Using this site implies acceptance of the terms and conditions set out below. We recommend that you read all the clauses carefully in order to use the site in the best conditions.
SC LAVENDERANNA S.R.L – organized according to the Romanian law, registered in Galati, J17/428/2019, CUI: 40643099, having its registered office in Galati, Gheorghe Doja Street, No. 2, Block 1A, Staircase 2, Ground floor, App. 22
WEBSITE – Domain lavenderanna.ro; through it, the USER has access to information on the services and products offered by S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L.
Information published on the website lavenderanna.ro are information of general interest about S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L, the products marketed by it, as well as other information considered by S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L as being of interest to users. The information is made available to users free of charge. SC LAVENDERANNA S.R.L is the owner of all intellectual property rights on the site, respectively on its design and content. The user has the obligation to respect all the intellectual property rights of S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L, provided by the legislation in force.
The user is required to access and use the site and ensure their care purposes to be misused.


S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L assumes no responsibility for the descriptions of the products presented in the virtual store. The images are presented on the site for example, and the delivered products may differ from the images displayed on the site in any way, due to the modification of the features, the design without prior notification by the manufacturers. SC LAVENDERANNA S.R.L reserves the right to complete and modify any information on the site.
SC LAVENDERANNA S.R.L is not responsible for the damages created as a result of the non-functioning of the site as well as for those resulting from the impossibility of accessing certain links published on the site.
The maximum value of the Company’s obligations towards any customer in the event of improper delivery or delivery is the value of the amounts collected by the Company from the respective customer.

Guarantees and product availability

Products purchased through the site lavenderanna.ro benefit from the usual guarantee of each product separately.SC LAVENDERANNA SRL DOES NOT guarantee the availability of the displayed products in stock, which is why the company will have the right not to deliver part or all of a certain order if certain products no longer appear in the supplier’s current offer or are not available for other reasons ( momentary lack of stock, depletion of the edition, etc.).
If prices or other product details were displayed incorrectly, including because they were entered incorrectly in the database, S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L assigns the right to cancel the delivery of the respective product and to notify the customer as soon as possible of the error that appeared, if the delivery has not yet been made.
Any attempt to access another user’s personal data or to modify the content of the site lavenderanna.ro or affect the performance of the server running the site lavenderanna.ro vbe considered an attempt to fraud the site lavenderanna.ro and will initiate criminal investigation against the person (s) who attempted this fact.


The entire content of the website lavenderanna.ro, including images, texts, animations, programs, scripts and any other data, is the property of S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L and is protected in accordance with the Law of copyright and the laws on intellectual and industrial property law. Use without the written consent of S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L of any of the elements listed above is punished in accordance with the laws in force.
For reporting intellectual property rights issues, please contact us in writing at the email address: office@lavenderanna.ro


Any dispute between the Customers and the Company will be resolved by amicable means. If the conflict has not been resolved amicably, the Romanian courts have jurisdiction.

Personal data

Site users information lavenderanna.ro they are confidential and can only be used for commercial communications with its partners. Any specific data regarding the situation and the status of the products can be obtained by contacting us online, at the coordinates included in this site.
On website lavenderanna.ro, the user is responsible for all activities that occur by accessing the account and personal password. S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L cannot be held responsible for errors that occurred due to the user’s negligence regarding the security and confidentiality of his account and password.
For a better understanding of these clauses, please refer to Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of persons regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

Security of personal data and information

The personal data entered by the buyer will be used by the Company only for the stated purpose of this site. The information in the order form is required to send you confirmation of orders, delivery of ordered products, announcement of ongoing promotions, etc. and will not be provided to a third party.The company guarantees the confidentiality of certain information. This data does not exist physically on the servers running the site lavenderanna.ro, they are accessible only by the authorized personnel of the Company through the internal network. Each user has the right to see only his own personal data that he has entered.
Website lavenderanna.ro uses security measures against the loss, alteration or misuse of the information that is in the control of the Company. In case of loss of information due to errors of the software with which the website is designed and hosted lavenderanna.ro, The company assumes no responsibility.


SC LAVENDERANNA S.R.L does not request to its Customers or Users, by any means of communication (e-mail /telephone /SMS), information regarding confidential data, accounts / bank cards or personal passwords.The client assumes full responsibility for the disclosure of his confidential data to a third party.
S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L disclaims any responsibility, in the event that a client would / is harmed in any form by a third party who would claim that he / she represents the interests of S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L.
The client will inform S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L on such attempts, using the contact details.
SC LAVENDERANNA S.R.L does not promote SPAM. Any client who has explicitly provided his or her email address on the site may opt to deactivate the client account for this email address.
The communications made by S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L by electronic means of distance communication (i.e. e-mail) contains the complete and compliant identification data of the sender or links to them, at the date of transmission of the content.
The following goals achieved or not will be considered an attempt to fraud the Site / Content lavenderanna.ro. SC LAVENDERANNA S.R.L reserves the right to institute criminal proceedings against the person (s) who attempted, or has achieved this purpose (s):
– to access the data of any type of another Client by using an account or by any other method.
– to alter or modify the content of the Site or any correspondence sent by any means by S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L to the Client;
– to affect the performance of the server (s) running the site;
– to access or disclose to any third party who does not have the necessary legal authority, the content sent by any means by S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L to the Client when he is not the legitimate recipient of the content.


SC LAVENDERANNA S.R.L publishes on the site the complete and correct identification and contact data by the Client or Member.
By using the contact form or the service present on the site, the Member or the Client allows S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L to contact him by any means available including electronic means.
Filling in part or in full the contact form and sending it is not in any way a commitment from S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L to contact the Member or the Client.
Accessing the site, using the information presented within it, visiting the pages or sending e-mails or notifications addressed to S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L is performed electronically, by telephone, or any other means of communication available to the Member or the Client and S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L, considering that it agrees to receive notifications from S.C LAVENDERANNA S.R.L in electronic and / or telephone way, including communications by e-mail or by announcements on the site.
SC LAVENDERANNA S.R.L reserves the right not to respond to all requests of any kind, received through any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.).


Delivery is by courier fast. The package arrives directly to your address in a short time (24-48 hours – on weekdays). The costs for transport will be communicated after the order is completed, they will be different depending on the distance.
Delivery around the world (Europe, North and South America, Australia, Asia, Africa) is done through the Romanian Post, (5-14 days). The costs for transport will be communicated after the order is completed, they will be different depending on the distance.
If the package cannot be delivered (the recipient does not respond or your address is incorrect), you will be contacted by telephone by the courier. If the recipient cannot be contacted, the parcels remain at the area courier for 3 days, after which they return to the Shipper.
For the sizes still in operation, the delivery time is 3-4 weeks.We are not responsible for delayed shipments, loss, destruction, damage, non-delivery or wrong delivery of a shipment or part thereof if they are generated by the following situations / circumstances independent of our will:
– road blockages (tree falls, rocks, chain collisions), dirt breaks near the road
– falls of bridges, blockages of mountain tunnels, derailment of trains near the road, natural blockages, unauthorized strikes, spontaneous regional riots, adverse weather conditions for the proper development of the proposed itinerary;
– natural causes: earthquakes, cataclysms, devastating storms, tornadoes, natural fires, floods, river discharges, riverbeds etc.
– human causes: the state of war, the state of siege, the forced nationalization (the passage of state property), revolutions, popular revolts, etc.
– non-compliance of orders by suppliers and third parties.

Newsletters and alerts

When the Member or Client creates an Account on the Site, accepting the Terms and Conditions of the site, he has the right to express or not the agreement regarding the receipt of newsletters and / or alerts from S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L.
The data taken from the Member for the purpose of sending newsletters and / or alerts, can and will be used by S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L within the limits of the Privacy Policy.
The cancellation of receiving newsletters and / or alerts by the Member or Client can be done at any time:
– Using the specially intended link within any newsletters and / or alerts received.
– By modifying your acceptance or receiving newsletters and / or alerts and using pages from restricted areas, by using the Account.
– By contacting S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L, according to the contact information, and without any subsequent obligation of one party to the other or without any party being able to claim the other damages.
The waiver of receiving newsletters and / or alerts does not imply the renunciation of the acceptance given for the document.
SC LAVENDERANNA SRL reserves the right to select the persons to whom it will send newsletters and / or alerts, as well as the right to remove from its database any Member or Client who has previously expressed his consent to receive newsletters and / or alerts, without no further commitment from SC LAVENDERANNA S.R.L, or any prior notification thereof.
SC LAVENDERANNA S.R.L will not include in newsletters and / or alerts transmitted to the Member or the Client, any other type of advertising material in the form of content referring to any third party that is not a partner of S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L, at the time of sending newsletters and / or alerts.

Privacy policy

SC LAVENDERANNA S.R.L collects personal data and special data, on the pages of its Sites, only with the voluntary agreement of the Member or the Client, for the following purposes:
– ordering, shipping and invoicing orders to it;
– resolving cancellations or problems of any kind regarding an order or contract, the services or products purchased by it;
– to ensure its access to the service;
– sending newsletters and / or periodic alerts in electronic format only;
– contacting him, at his voluntary request;
– contacting it, in matters of Customer Relations;
– statistical purposes.
In order to create the account, the Personal Numeric Code is obligatory only for Members or Customers taxable persons within the meaning of the Fiscal Code art. 155 lit. f).By creating the Account, each Member or Client has expressed their consent as S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L to collect and manage its personal data, under the conditions and in compliance with the provisions of Law 677/2001.

The right of access to data

Any Member or Client has the right to obtain from S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L, upon request and free of charge for one request per year, confirmation of the fact that the data concerning it are or are not processed by it.

The right to intervene on the data

Any Member or Client has the right to obtain from S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L, by a written request, signed and dated, free of charge:
– where appropriate, rectifying, updating, blocking or deleting data whose processing is not in accordance with the law, especially incomplete or inaccurate data;
– where appropriate, the transformation into anonymous data of data whose processing is not in accordance with the law;
Return of products
S.C. Client LAVENDERANNA S.R.L may request the return of the products in the following situations:
1. The packages show severe damage;
2. The products were delivered / invoiced incorrectly. Delivery of products other than those requested must be notified immediately and the Consumer will refuse the receipt. The consumer may request a return for replacement and, if the product is no longer in stock, he can opt for replacement or full refund of the value. If the replacement with a higher value product is agreed, it will pay the difference, respectively if the value is smaller, it will receive a partial refund up to the value of the replacement product. Return and shipping costs for the replacement product, if any, are borne by the customer.
3. The products have manufacturing defects;
4. The consumer has the right to notify the trader in writing that the purchase is canceled, without penalties and without invoking a reason, within 10 working days after receiving the product. Also, in accordance with art. 7 paragraph 1 of OG 130/2000, the Client has the right to unilaterally terminate the distance contract, within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the product / products, without penalties and without invoking any reason. In this case, the direct costs of returning the products will fall, according to the law, to the Customer.
5. If the replacement with a higher value product is agreed, the customer will pay the difference, respectively if the value is smaller, he will receive a partial refund up to the value of the replacement product. Return and shipping costs for the replacement product, if any, are borne by the customer.


In case there are any questions or suggestions regarding S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L, please contact us by email at office@lavenderanna.ro.
Any comments, questions, feedback, ideas, suggestions or other communications or information about or related to the website lavenderanna.ro, its functionality or improvement will remain the property S.C. LAVENDERANNA S.R.L.


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